Our approach is based on the following principles...

building: Shared Architecture is about ideas that work. Our designs are informed by over 15 years of experience getting things built. This engagement with the development and construction process ensures that clients receive well informed practical advice to achieve the best technical and environmental performance, value for money and highest quality finished solution.

creatively: We use our design skills to create beautiful, contemporary spaces that respond sensitively to our clients' specific requirements and enhance the surrounding environment. By listening carefully and responding thoughtfully, we aim to interpret and enhance our client's ideas and aspirations: unlocking interesting design solutions that will continue to delight and inspire.

together: This approach recognises that interesting things happen when people get their heads together. The most sustainable projects are achieved through the shared expertise of everyone involved and client involvement is an essential part of the process. Shared Architecture makes the most of the best ideas!.

'We were looking for a contemporary and unusual solution, which was tailored to our needs. Shared Architecture guided us to the solution we wanted with constant input, suggestions and advice, but never lost track of the fact that this was our project.'